Can You Order Kratom On Amazon?

kratom amazon

Have you tried to search for Kratom on Amazon? If you have, you are not alone. Many people search for Kratom on Amazon but do not find it. We will tell you why this is the case and where you can buy Kratom online. If you search for Kratom on Amazon, you will see a multitude of different capsules such as Neurocet, My Brain, and T6 Cryotherapy. They are smart drugs but do not confuse them with Kratom. Several results appear after typing the word Kratom Amazon on the search bar. However, the supplements on Amazon do not contain Kratom as an ingredient. The vendors seem to use the word Kratom as a marketing tactic to lead customers to their products or to differentiate them from competing products.

Some top searches on Amazon include “Kratom powder bulk,” “Kratom capsules for anxiety,” “Kratom powder maeng da” and “Kratom capsules for pain.” That shows that there are plenty of people interested in buying Kratom online. However, Amazon does not sell many controversial products even though its logo says that it offers everything from A to Z. The reasons why you cannot find Kratom on this universal online store include:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ban

Kratom plants grow in Southeast Asian nations such as Malaysia and Indonesia. The herb entered the U.S.A. several years ago. The FDA banned Kratom shipments in 2012 and 2014 because of its side effects. For that reason, Kratom products were confiscated, and Amazon also removed it from its websites.  In 2017, Scott Gottlieb, the FDA commissioner, stated that the agency could not approve the therapeutic use of Kratom even though it could be beneficial for treating some health problems and might be useful for opioid withdrawal. After Gottlieb made this statement, almost all general item shopping stores removed Kratom supplements from their shelves, and Amazon did the same. Amazon used to sell Kratom supplements for a short time before the FDA disapproved of the botanical substance. This online store promises its customers safe and guaranteed products. Therefore, it does not sell products that the FDA has banned or added to the controlled substances list.

The DEA ban

In 2016, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) had the intention of banning all Kratom products. The DEA shoved Kratom into the national spotlight, causing stigmatization of the herb because of the attention. Amazon restricted vendors from advertising any Kratom products on its websites. However, some Kratom vendors would sell Kratom extracts and Kratom powder under aliases like Green Malaysian, Super Green, and Hot Maeng Da, among other names. When you search for super green Malaysian on Amazon, you will get Organifi’s Green Juice, which is an ashwagandha and coconut-infused superfood powder. When you search for maeng da Kratom powder, you will get kava powder. Kratom is a coffee family extract, whereas Kava is psychoactive tea. Amazon allows the sale of Kava Kava powder on its websites but not Kratom. Kava powder has side effects such as anxiety, nausea, and fever. Still, the FDA has not restricted it as it has done with Kratom.

The ability of Amazon to ship products worldwide

Amazon ships its products to all fifty states and many countries. Another reason why you cannot find Kratom on Amazon is that many countries and some states in the USA prohibit it. If the online store sold Kratom to a purchaser living in a state or country where the product is prohibited, delivering it could be an issue. Amazon is reluctant to sell any organic supplement that can cause complications during delivery or return procedures. Some states that have banned Kratom as of 2019 include Vermont, Rhode Island, Indiana, Arkansas, Wisconsin, and Alabama.

Furthermore, several cities and counties in other states have also prohibited their residents from buying selling or possessing Kratom. They include San Diego, California, Jerseyville, Illinois, Denver, Colorado, Union County in Mississippi, and Sarasota County in Florida. Kratom is also banned in several other countries like Finland, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Israel, Singapore, Vietnam, Romania, Poland, Sweden, and Myanmar. Amazon does not sell Kratom to prevent any situation that could lead to the loss of a customer or a negative reputation.

Where to get Kratom

Although you cannot find Kratom extracts, capsules, or powders on Amazon, you can find electronic books about it. The books offer knowledge about the uses and effects of the herbal supplement.

You can get Kratom products from other vendors. Local Kratom retail stores are operational in some Asian countries where Kratom is widespread and abundant. Some dealers in these nations export their products to the United States, Canada, and Australia. However, the exporters tend to sell Kratom at exorbitant prices.

Another way to buy Kratom is through online vendors. There is no shortage of reliable Kratom vendors online, and you can receive substantial discounts from them. These vendors also offer a variety of strains, including rare strains that many retail stores do not sell. If you are shopping for multiple strains, consider Kratomkrush, one of the top vendors of Kratom products.   We stock different strains of Kratom like:

  • Maeng Da
  • Red Vein Thai
  • Super Green Malay
  • White Vein Borneo
  • Red Vein Borneo
  • Red Vein Indonesian
  • Whit Indonesian
  • Green Vein Borneo
  • Kratom capsules

Essential Things To Consider Before Purchasing Kratom Online

Before purchasing any Kratom products online, do your homework on the vendor. It is necessary to do independent research to learn what the Kratom community says about the vendor’s Kratom capsules and Kratom powders. You should also consider why you are buying the Kratom. Some strains are better at offering pain relief, while others are better at providing energy, focus, or stimulation. As you buy Kratom, contemplate on the following things:

Different Kratom products

Most buyers get confused about capsules and powder. Some vendors take advantage of that and sell Kratom tablets and capsules instead of powder. The powder form is purer compared to capsules. The price of Kratom capsules is lower compared to that of powder, but some vendors sell tablets at a high price. 


Several Kratom products are available on the market, and they vary depending on the effects, quality, and pricing. It is critical to check the quality of the products before you make your purchase. Low priced products may be of low-quality. When a vendor offers you a considerable discount or a low price, beware of the product’s quality. When buying Kratom online, it is advisable to order a small quantity first to check the quality, and once you are sure, you can order more.            

Do not order Kratom from Amazon, no matter what a seller calls it. You will not receive pure or real Kratom. You can get refined Kratom products at our store.   

If you want to try Kratom, you can read more about it by buying informative reading materials on Amazon or by visiting various websites. The different Kratom strains have many effects on every user. So, you should learn more about them to decide which one to try.

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